Please read the following review policy before making a request. Thank you!

Review Policy

At the moment, I am not accepting self-published books unless it is by an author who I have worked with before.

The Reviews:

All my reviews contain my honest opinions and thoughts. If I love the book, I’ll shout it praises from my rooftop. If I wasn’t the biggest fan, I’ll highlight the parts I both liked and disliked. I don’t want any of my reviews to to seem nasty or mean or harmful. I’d prefer to spend my time writing a positive review instead of a negative one, but I will always share my honest opinion. I try to make my reviews as spoiler free as possible. If the book is a second or third novel in a series, I will probably mention things from previous books.

Timing is not always certain. I live a very busy life as a college athlete, and sometimes my schedule is out of my control. I try to post each review close to the book’s release date to generate buzz. When I’m in a time constraint books that I have personally requested will have priority over any other books.  If you do have a set time frame in mind, please let me know and I will try my absolute best to accommodate! 

Book Talks are additional posts along with my review where I go more into depth about the book. These posts are where I’m able to fangirl about certain parts in a book that I would normally leave out in the review due to spoilers. Book Talks are NOT guaranteed with a review request, but will need to be requested along with the review request.

What to expect:

  • Book cover
  • Author & publication details
  • Page numbers
  • Book summary
  • A rating
  • A book trailer – if available
  • An honest review posted on my blog and Goodreads
  • A Book Talk (if requested)

Please keep in mind that if I accept a book for review, it does NOT guarantee that I will read the book or that I will post a review of the book. 


The Books:

Books I will accept are YA and New Adult. Sometimes I will take in special consideration for certain Adult titles, but I usually will not review any Adult books on my blog. In addition, I will not accept most Middle Grade titles as I find I am very selective of this genre.

I prefer:

  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Paranormal
  • Mysteries
  • Books about Greek mythology
  • Contemporary fiction

I enjoy the following, but I tend to be picky about:

  • Science fiction
  • Horror

I do NOT accept:

  • Titles with religious undertones
  • Autobiographies/biographies/memoirs

If a novel is sent as part of a series, please ask me beforehand if I’ve read the series. If not, I may need the earlier book(s) as well in order to write a review.

If possible I would prefer to have a physical copy of the book to review, although I do accept ebooks through NetGalley and Kindle. I do NOT accept any audiobooks.



I would love to host any interviews with authors I’m familiar with.



If you offer something to giveaway it’s welcomed, but I’d prefer if the person offering could pay for postage.


Blog Tours

I would love to participate in any blog tours about authors and books I’m familiar with!

Please contact me at vivalabooks@gmail.com with your requests. Thank you!


FTC Disclaimer

FTC laws require that I state that I do not receive monetary compensation for any of my reviews. Sometimes I get free books to review, but these are given to me to assess and write an honest review based on my opinions which are displayed on this blog. My opinions are never changed due to bribery and I stand firm in my beliefs based on the book itself.


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