June 2017 Bullet Journal Setup | Plan With Me

Hi, welcome to a new feature on the blog! I started bullet journaling about a year ago, and I love it so much. It’s a fun way for me to plan out my days, and I love how customizable it is. The process is relaxing and it lets me still be a bit artsy, which I love. I’m in no way an expert, and I’m still learning new tips and tricks. But I thought it’d be fun to share my layouts!


This month I decided to go with a beach & wave theme, since it’s finally SUMMER! This is my June cover page, and the waves were inspired by AmandaRachLee. Even though the waves didn’t exactly turn out how I expected, I ended up liking the geometric twist I had accidentally added. Blue is my favorite color, so it was fun getting to mix & match different shades of blue in the waves. I wanted to give it a bit more of a beach vibe, so I used a peach colored marker to make some sand.


This is my monthly habit tracker. I didn’t have one during the school year, but I wanted to start using one again for the summer. I think it’ll help me make the most of the summer by keeping me accountable! I like to track health habits, like my sleeping patterns or if I eat vegetables or no sweets. This month I’m going to be taking a summer course, so I decided to track my studying. Also I’m tracking my blogging and reading habits.

This is my June monthly spread. (Inspired by bluelahe.) I used to do both a vertical month-at-a-glance spread and a calendar spread, but I found the calendar spread to be more effective for myself. This month I added the future log, so I can keep track of things I have planned for next month.

This spread is more boring, so I might add some color to it later. I wanted to create a space for books I wanted to read in June, and I love the idea of a monthly memories spread. I did one last summer, and it was so much fun to look back at all things I had done over the month. Also I decided to start a gratitude page again. We have so much to be thankful for, but we take so much for granted. I like how this page reminds me to be thankful for even the smallest of things.

This is my first weekly spread for June, and I’m really excited about it. (Inspired by studykouffee.) I usually go for a more simplistic layout and keep it black & white, but I wanted to experiment and have some fun with this spread. I decided to stick with blue tones for the waves theme, and I added some quotes for fun.

If you’re interested in starting your own bullet journal check out this blog post by twirling pages. You can also find more information on the bullet journal website.

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2 thoughts on “June 2017 Bullet Journal Setup | Plan With Me

  1. divabooknerd says:

    For the past two years I’ve bought journals and let them expire. Probably should have gone with a non dated one. I love the thought of journaling and yours is absolutely gorgeous, but the amount of time I assume you need to invest seems daunting as well. Can I ask how much time a week you probably need to devote to the journal? I love looking at spreads but I’m just not sure I’m creative enough. I’m.so.envious of yours ❤

    • Vivalabooks says:

      ❤ Thank you so much! I can totally relate. I have trouble keeping up with a planner or journal, but personalizing it makes it more fun and helps motivate me to be more organized. It is a time commitment the first time around, since you're new and testing things out. On average it takes me about 1-2 hrs to plan an entire month, but I usually take a bit longer since I'll try to plan out what theme I'm doing at the same time. But for weekly spreads it usually takes 30-45 mins depending on if I'm trying out a new spread or if I'm trying to be really artsy. And I'll usually watch YouTube videos or Netflix while I'm bullet journaling. I totally understand the creativity department, and I like to take a lot of inspiration from others (which I linked above), especially in the calligraphy department. Hopefully that helps, and you'll start bullet journaling too! It's so much fun!

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