I’m Back for the Summer!

Soooo… Throwback to April when I posted about my blogging hiatus due to my overly hectic schedule of juggling classes with lacrosse season. Unfortunately I had to pour all my energy into school and lacrosse to just stay afloat meaning there was zero time for reading much less blogging. But I somehow managed to survive my first year of college, and I’m back at home!

I’ve decided to give myself a bit of a break this summer. I hadn’t been back home since January due to lacrosse, so I’m beyond ecstatic to be home! My summer is going to be pretty chill, and I can’t wait to catch up with all the good books that have been coming out. I’m going to be taking a summer course, playing and training for lacrosse, and working a summer job. This means I’ll definitely have time for books! YAY! 🙂

This year was my first year of college, so it was definitely an adjustment year. I was learning how to navigate college, and how to manage academics and athletics. There were a lot of ups and downs (mostly ups!), and I learned a lot this year. I’m unbelievably lucky to be able to go to such an amazing college where I’ve been able to meet such incredible, fascinating people.

Reading and blogging have been dear to my heart since I started back in 2012. It’s crazy to think that I keep coming back to this blog, even after I’ve begrudgingly let it gather up dust every once in a while. Life can become chaotic and it’s always been hard to prioritize reading and blogging when there are so many other things that need to come first, like school and lacrosse. It’s been hard to find a balance that works, and to be perfectly honest I haven’t quite found it yet. Also it can sometimes be hard to pick up a book when in the back of my head I have to think about how I’m going to write a review on it. I love the escape of reading a book, and I cannot wait to be able to experience that feeling of opening a new book this summer. My goal for the summer is to just start reading for fun again, and see where that takes this blog. I think I won’t just be solely focusing on books and I might introduce some bullet journaling posts (which I’ve been recently been obsessed with). I’ve missed reading so much, and it always makes me sad when I don’t have enough time for reading during the school year. But summer is always my best time for reading and I’m excited for some new posts I have planned. Thanks for sticking with me and let’s have an awesome summer!

What are your summer plans?



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