Blogging Hiatus & Catch Up

Hi y’all!

I’m sorry I’ve been so silent on the blog lately. Things got very hectic very fast and I had to focus on my school work. Literally the past few months I’ve only been studying, practicing lacrosse, and sleeping. Unfortunately I’ve had zero time to read, and when I did have free time it usually resulted in a nap.

I’m more busy than usual since it’s lacrosse season *yay!* and I had a ton of projects & midterms. Luckily this past week was spring break, and I welcomed the much needed break. My lacrosse team and I traveled to California, which was a beautiful change of scenery from the usual cold, for spring break. I actually got back yesterday, and it’s already snowing in Providence. *sigh* You will be greatly missed sun!


California was an amazing experience! I had so much fun with the girls on my team, and we got to enjoy beautiful weather. I never realized how much I missed the sun until I got off the plane and felt the sun on my skin again. It was honestly bliss! And it was wonderful not practicing in full under armour for once.  Not only did we get to relax on the beach one day, but I was able to get in some much-needed reading time during this trip.

I underestimated my workload coupled with lacrosse season and was overly ambitious in February, but I hope to continue posting a few times a month. By making more realistic goals, I’m hoping to motivate myself to post more while still managing the other parts of my life. While I won’t be very active, I’ll still be posting every once in a while! And I hope you’ll check in when I do! 🙂

HOw do you manage blogging with work?

how was your spring break?

any book recommendations?


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