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WOW! That was a ride! I already said this in my review, but Ally Carter has done it again. This was an insane read that had me guessing the whole time.

When we begin to learn about Grace I felt very sympathetic towards her character. Not only had her mother died, but she witnessed her mother’s murder (emphasis on murder). The problem is that no one believes that a scarred man was responsible for her mother’s death. She died in a fire. She had NOT been murdered. Grace has been through therapy, and she’s tried to forget the scarred face etched into her memory. But she can’t. She knows that the scarred man is her mother’s killer. Honestly, Grace is a mess when she arrives at her grandfather’s in Embassy Row. She actually ends up accidentally punching the Russian ambassador when she tries to run away from Alexei—the Russian ambassador’s son, her brother’s best friend, and named “babysitter.” Even though I wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of the situation, I found myself cringing while trying to hold in my laughter. Like Grace said, “[She] doesn’t mean to get into trouble. Trouble just sort of finds [her]” (1%).  

Then, we meet Noah. Oh how I laughed at Grace and Noah’s first encounter. Being an army brat does have its perks, like easily kicking butt half-asleep when some stranger breaks into your room. Strangely enough Noah isn’t fazed by this and informs Grace that he’s there to be her best friend. Also, we learn that Noah is half Israeli and Brazilian. (Bonus points for being Brazilian!) I already knew I was going to love him when this happened: (11%)

“Okay,” he says. “First lesson.”

Noah broadens his stance, taking his place firmly on the embassy side of the threshold. “In the United States,” he says. Then, with both feet, he leaps onto the sidewalk. “Out of the United States.” Quickly, he jumps back toward me. “In the United States.” Another jump across the threshold. “Out of the United States. In. Out. In—”

“Is this the part where I hit you?”

Noah raises one finger. “You could. But you might want to do it while you are”—he leaps back to sand beside me—“in the United States.”  

(Comment below when you realized you wanted Noah as your best friend too!)

Afterwards Noah takes Grace to a party being held in the land that used to be Iran and warns her to stay away from the building beneath the cliffs that Iran still owns. No one wants to start a WWIII. It’s kind of mind-blowing to think that all these kids represent different countries and could cause a war due to some stupid teenage mistake because of what they represent. This is also where we meet the little acrobat Rosie. When Grace goes off on Lila I couldn’t tell if I was impressed or just stunned. While it seemed like Grace was being judgy, I kind of felt like Lila had it coming. Although I wasn’t expecting her to be Noah’s twin! During their encounter, Lila’s scarf that resembles the Israeli flag manages to get stuck on a pole on the abandoned Iran-owned building. Bad news. Noah is freaking out. Lila is freaking out. Rosie is freaking out. Everyone seems to be freaking out but Grace. Suddenly she’s jumping off the cliff into the ocean towards Iran. At first I was like that is so badass! But when I finally registered that she JUMPED off a freaking cliff I was like WTF was going through her mind. Grace! That was such an impulsive, stupid move! So Grace manages to survive jumping off a cliff except she meets a surprise in Iran. IT’S THE SCARRED MAN! The scarred man that killed her mother. He’s in Iran. He’s in Embassy Row. WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!???

Grace unwillingly becomes her grandfather’s date to the ball in Adria, and her awkward interactions were amusing. For a second I thought Alexei was definitely going to be the romantic interest when they were dancing, but he mysteriously had to run off in the middle of their dance. I don’t know why, but he was giving me an uneasy feeling. I definitely didn’t trust him. And, when she follows Alexei only to find the scarred man warning bells went off in my head.

After Grace has her panic attack in the streets with Alexei, she wakes up to find her grandfather, Ms. Chancellor, and Alexei talking about her troubled past. Now looking back I can sort of see hints towards the ending, but I still wouldn’t have seen it coming.

When Grace tells Noah about her mother’s death and the scarred man’s involvement, Noah’s steely support only cemented my love for him. Surprise, surprise! I was totally not expecting Megan to be a hacker genius, but that was only a plus for Grace’s cause. Plus, Noah & Megan had the most awkward yet hilariously cute scenes ever!

“You look … sweaty. But in a goody way. The good sweaty, is what I mean.”

And, I wasn’t expecting Megan to have such a different view of her past with Grace. She had tried to be Grace’s friend in the past, but Grace had always been too caught up with getting her older brother’s and Alexei’s attention.

I absolutely loved the chapter about the Brazilian embassy. Of course they’d all be intently watching a soccer game! I’m hoping we get to explore Noah’s family in future books.

Shit! When Grace finds out the scarred man is the prime minister’s head of security, my mind was reeling. WHAT WAS GOING ON?!?! Then we find out that Grace has identified multiple scarred men as her mother’s killer. Not only that, but the Scarred Man got his scar AFTER her mother’s death. Now I’m officially confused. Is Grace going a little crazy, or is this really the scarred man? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Grace’s and Noah’s attempt at trailing the scarred man was pretty hilarious. They weren’t very good at it, and when 12-year-old Rosie shows up to teach them that was just too funny. Grace somehow finds a secret passage, like WHAT? And she hears the scarred man talking about different ways to die. I was like GET OUT, GET OUT!!! RUN!! My heart was beating out of my chest, but when Grace ended up in the South Korean embassy I couldn’t help laughing. It was inappropriate, but I could only imagine their reactions as priceless!

The fact that Megan put a tracker on Grace was seriously insane. She kind of gave me flashbacks to Kat from Heist Society planning one of her heists. THE PLAN! I can’t believe they actually managed to set up surveillance in the scarred man’s room. How?!?! I thought for sure they were going to get caught by the scarred man when he shows up. It was such an intense scene, and then the cat comes flying through the skylight. LOL.

Shit goes down when Noah realizes that Grace has lied about accusing other scarred men. She broke his trust. His one rule—do not lie. And then Alexei shows up again being creepy!

OHMYGOSH! When Grace finds out that the scarred man was talking about different ways to die in the US embassy, I was like who is the freaking mole! Then she runs into him when she goes out the embassy and I don’t even know what to believe.

When she rushes to Alexei for comfort, I don’t know how I felt about that. It was nice that he was there for her, but he’s just way too suspicious for my liking.

When Grace sees the Scarred Man walking towards the Russian President holding something black and shiny, I was for sure that she had caught him in the act! … It was a cell phone. My bad? Oh gosh, this just gets worse and worse.

Grace in therapy. Loopy on drugs = no fun. It was awfully depressing, and it broke my heart when she said she needed to take the medicine so she would get better. At that point, I wasn’t sure what to believe, but she needed to get off those meds!

Grace escaping out of the old tower was insane. Daredevil instincts?

THE CONFRONTATION between Grace & the Scarred Man. He tells her he would never kill her mother, but there were others who wanted her dead. Then he says her mother’s death was an accident, and Grace knows the truth. They’ve been trying to make her forget, but she can’t quite let go and she can’t quite remember. IT WAS THE PRIME MINISTER. Woah I did not see that coming. And Grace shot her own mother… I did NOT see that coming. Did anyone else? Oh gosh, the emotions are all over the place and my mind has been BLOWN. AND Ms. Chancellor freaking shot the prime minister & put him in a coma! Total badass.

So Alexei went back to Moscow? Why? Suspicious? What is Russia up to?

Why did the prime minister order the Scarred Man to kill Grace’s mother? What is up with that? What was Grace’s mother’s job? WHAT IS THIS FREAKING ROOM? What does the emblem mean? Is Grace joining some secret society??? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY SECRET PASSAGES? WHAT IS UP WITH THE ENDING??? UGH what is actually going on???

I apologize for being all over the place, but I hope you enjoyed this Book Talk! I had a lot of fun writing this, and I get the feels every time I read it. I can’t wait for See How They Run! 🙂

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One thought on “All Fall Down by Ally Carter | Book Talk

  1. Allie says:

    i really like your blog post, definitely helped me clear up the confusion i had over the ending! personally, i really liked the part where grace and alexei were sitting on the wall but maybe its just cause i have a weakness for russian guys haha. overall, i really enjoyed the book tho and im gonna start reading the next one tomorrow! ^-^

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