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Rating: Dystopian lovers, this is a must-read!

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Ahhhhhh! There’s so much I want to talk about! I have no idea where to start from. I apologize in advance for jumping all over the place.

OK, let’s focus on Cassie. I absolutely loved her diary entries, and her sarcastic, realistic, poetic writing was just so good. I really liked how Yancey moved between the past and present, while slowly explaining to the readers what had happened with the first 4 waves. The contrast of Cassie’s past life and her current apocalyptic world put a lot of things into perspective. This was a world where a simple mistake could mean life or death. It was INTENSE!!! And her struggle to save Sammy! Ohmygosh! That girl has been through enough already. Her mom dies of the plague, her brother is taken from her, her dad is killed in front of her, and she’s almost killed by people who are supposed to be the allies. Definitely not going to want to vacation there anytime soon. But, seriously, Cassie has it majorly rough. The crucifix soldier!!! Who else thought he had a gun??? I was screaming, “SHOOT HIM CASSIE!” when she said she saw a silver glint in his hand. I thought it was a gun, but when it turned out to be a crucifix I couldn’t believe it. The book was making me paranoid for Cassie!

Evan Walker… Who else suspected something from the beginning then ignored that feeling and felt shocked when it was revealed he was a Silencer? I knew something was wrong, but then I kind of fell for him and totally forgot about my suspicions. And then I felt totally blindsided when he turned out to be a Silencer! On another note, the alien download-ourselves-into-a-baby is kind of creepy. Kind of confused about that. Comment below if you understand!

Evan and Cassie happened a little quick, but I still liked it. Still Team Walker! Although I still don’t completely understand why he’s so head-over-heels in love with Cassie. It was a sweet romance though.

And did anyone freak out when Zombie turned out to be Ben Parish??? When I heard Ben I was like OHMYGOSH IT’S FREAKING BEN PARISH!!! I don’t even know how Yancey does it, but he connected all the characters so well. Then, when Nugget a.k.a. Sammy got paired up with Zombie a.k.a. Ben Parish, I knew that Cassie was going to meet up with her long-time crush. It was messing with my mind! Like, I see what you were doing there Rick Yancey.

The whole Wonderland thing was interesting, but super weird. How can a machine review all your memories and determine your potential? Sounds a little sketchy to me. And, Camp Heaven. LOL the irony in the name. I was so disappointed when I found out it wasn’t a safe haven. From the beginning it seemed messed up. Training kids to kill other humans infected by aliens is definitely questionable. Although when the truth came out my jaw was literally hanging to the floor. OHMYGOSH!!! What is going on??? The freaking aliens who downloaded themselves into humans were training kids to kill other humans… WTH… I don’t understand. Anyone else mindblown by this revelation??? And the fact that they stick tracking devices that also serves as a killswitch freaked me out!

The end when Zombie/Ben Parish and Cassie and Evan go to save Sammy was so intense! Cassie comes out of nowhere with her karate moves and wrecks havoc in Camp Haven. Although the people in charge start freaking out and blowing things up, which wasn’t so cool. And still can’t get over that Zombie asked Ringer to shoot himself to go back to save Sammy. The entire time Cassie is kicking ass inside Camp Haven I can’t believe Evan let her go alone, but before you know it Evan is shooting people up all over the place. The awkward encounter with Evan Walker, Ben Parish, Sammy, and Cassie was way too hilarious!! Despite the dire situation I couldn’t help but crack up!

And you think everything is going to be ok, but then Evan is like NO I need to go blow the whole place up… Why Evan????? Ringer and the gang come back to pick up Zombie, Sammy, and Cassie up, but where’s Evan??? I know he’s freaking alive BUT don’t do this to me Evan!! I’m like get rid of Ben and give me Evan, although I would be sad if Ben actually died.

I really enjoyed The Fifth Wave, and I cannot wait to read the sequel and see the movie!!

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