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Book Talk: This a new feature on Vivalabooks. It’s basically an in-depth discussion post about a book I’ve reviewed. Book Talk is different from a regular Review because it DOES contain SPOILERS. I WILL fangirl or rant about anything I feel like is worth commenting on in a certain book. These are 100% my honest feelings! Hope you enjoy!

RATING: A Captivating, Heartbreaking Stand-Alone

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CADY + GAT: If you read my review, you know I have a love-hate relationship with these two. I thought Gat was sweet. He cared about Cady and it seemed like he understood her. He accepted her the way she was. I liked that about Gat. I really did like Gat. But, I hated his indecisiveness with Cady during summer 17. It made sense when you think about it because he was technically dead and probably didn’t want to hurt Cady. But, while I was reading this I didn’t know that. I didn’t know he was dead. All I knew was that Cady loved Gat and Gat loved Cady, but neither did anything about it. It was like their love was unspoken and they were just going to be friends for now. It was just so ANNOYING! But, it’s ok because they eventually get over themselves and start being cute again! Although I was a little annoyed with their relationship at points, I still enjoyed it. What’d you think?

THE HANDS: I loved the writing on their left & right hands. Cady + Gat. It was so cute & romantic! Also, I really liked how she wrote quotes on her hands. I totally want to start doing it too. It was one of Cady’s cute quirks and I loved it!

THEIR MOTTOS: One of the most memorable moments for me in We Were Liars was when all the Liars started talking about their mottos that they lived by. Each motto revealed a lot about that person’s personality at that point in their lives and it allowed the readers a more in-depth look at the characters. Also, I personally couldn’t help laughing at Johnny’s!

Mirren: “Be a little kinder than you have to.” (p. 101)

Johnny: “Never eat anything bigger than your ass.” (p. 101)

“Don’t eat yellow snow” (p. 102)

Gat: “Do not accept an evil you can change.” (p. 101)

Cady: “Always do what you are afraid to do.” (p. 102)

THE FAIRYTALES: I really liked how E. Lockhart intertwined Cady’s fairy tale stories in between chapters. It was pretty simple to understand the basic meaning of each story, but it was cool to look back at the book and realize how each fairy tale was related to the story of the Sinclairs.

THE ENDING: OHMYGOSH! My state of mind = completely mindblown! Was anyone else as blindsided as I was? I totally did NOT see that coming at all! Instead, I had this theory going on in my head that she had somehow been raped on the beach & the trauma from the experience blocked out her memories. But, it was all LIE! She burned down the freaking house! They all did! And, the whole time after summer 15 Johnny, Mirren, & Gat were dead! THEY’RE FREAKING DEAD! After this information was uncovered, I had a mini explosion in my brain. It kind of made sense. There were all these hints, but I NEVER saw this coming. I had my seemingly brilliant theory in my mind and I was focused on finding out if I was right. Of course, I was completely wrong. But, oh gosh there were so many signs! But, I mean who would have ever guessed that??? (If you did you’re a freaking genius!) And, then when you think about it summer 17 never happened… but in a way it did… Weird! It was such a bizarre ending, but I was surprisingly satisfied by it. In my brain, it somehow made sense, but I wasn’t exactly the happiest about it. Talk about an emotional roller coaster!

The Signs:

– They look the SAME! After 2 years! People’s appearances change, especially teenage boys!

– They were NEVER at dinner! Wouldn’t their moms normally have forced them to come?

– They NEVER go anywhere or see anyone with Cady! Wierd?

– No one EVER mentioned them! Coincidence? I think not!

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