Meeting Veronica Roth

On October 23rd, I *takes a deep breath* MET VERONICA ROTH!

photo 3-14

A couple months ago, I learned that Veronica Roth was going to visit my city and I just HAD to go. I mean it”s VERONICA ROTH. Who wouldn’t go? Divergent is one of my favorite books EVER and meeting Veronica Roth would be like a dream come true.


This Veronica Roth event was ticketed because so many people wanted to meet her. In order to get a ticket to the signing, you had to preorder a copy of Allegiant from Barnes & Noble, and then pick up a wristband the day before the signing. Since I was in school, I couldn’t pick up the wristbands, but luckily my mom was nice enough to go pick them up. And, boy was she surprised to see a ginormous line waiting for her.

photo 2-12

I have this friend who is pretty equally obsessed with books as I am, so I decided to get her a copy of Allegiant and a ticket to the Veronica Roth signing.  Both of us were fangirling so hard when Veronica Roth showed up since she’s one of our favorite authors EVER! The line was pretty long to meet her, but it was so much fun being able to talk to all the people around us who love Veronica Roth & Divergent just as much as we do.

photo 2-14

When Veronica Roth arrived, she read a deleted scene from Four’s POV about the Dauntless initiate jump and ohmygosh it was soooo good! No joke, I swear the whole store went silent, mesmerized by Veronica Roth’s words. Then, right after she finished, everyone erupted into cheers because it was just that amazing!  When I finally got my copy of Divergent signed I FANGIRLED so badly. At first, I was frozen with shock just staring, amazed that I was meeting such an incredibly talented author, but she kindly made some small talk to me while signing my book. Then, as she handed me the book back, I somehow managed to squeak out, “Ohmgyosh I love DIVERGENT! Literally my favorite book EVER!”. She just smiled at that and graciously thanked me. Gosh, I could have died right then and there. I got to meet Veronica Roth in the living flesh and talked to her! *FANGIRL SHRIEKS + AWKARD CELEBRATORY DANCE*

Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to take pictures with Veronica Roth because there were SO many people, but just being able to meet and talk to her was enough for me. I’m so thankful I had this amazing opportunity to meet her and I hope everyone enjoys reading Allegiant! (It’s taken so much willpower to wait till this weekend to start it!)

Have you met Veronica Roth before? If yes, how was it?

What have you thought of Allegiant?


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