It’s Been A While

It’s been FOREVER (no joke) since I’ve entered the blogosphere. Yep, that means I’ve had no contact with my blog, other blogs, or twitter for the past few months. I know, insane! No idea how I managed to do that… Wait, yes I do! SCHOOL. 😦 It’s been a killer. I’m taking 3 Honors and  1 AP & they have officially taken over my life. Plus, I’m currently playing on 2 club lacrosse teams that practice every weekend. This equals absolutely NO FREE TIME for me. Most days I struggle to get a good night’s sleep, so blogging has been on the bottom of my list of priorities. But, that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it 24/7 and that’s how I know I’m going to keep Vivalabooks running.

I love it! I miss getting on twitter and chatting it up with someone about my latest read or just talking about life with another blogger. It’s something I thoroughly enjoy and it’s been pretty sad not being able to blog. I miss writing reviews about the books I’ve read and sharing my opinion with the world (or just my few followers). The whole environment of the blogosphere is so friendly and allows so many amazing opportunities to come one’s way. And, that is why I know I will NOT quit blogging any time soon.

I love to blog. I’m not the best blogger, but I’m hoping to become a much better one. So, except some actual posts to be coming! 🙂

Thanks for hanging in there! ❤


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