Throne of Glass: Chaol or Dorian?

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The question is Chaol or Dorian? Given a choice, who would you choose? Who should Celaena choose?

In Throne of Glass I wasn’t on a team. I wasn’t for Chaol or Dorian. I was all about Celaena! Both men were interesting characters whose interactions with Celaena I thoroughly enjoyed, but the romance in Throne of Glass didn’t completely grab my full attention. I was much more interested in the plot line.

That was a completely different story in Crown of Midnight. Oh gosh! Right from the beginning, the romance had me speechless and giddy. I wanted more and more and more! I could NOT for the life of me put down the book. There were too many blush worthy scenes and moments which were on replay in my mind for like ever. Seriously, the romance was excellently written by Sarah J. Maas. There were moments where I was jumping up and down fangirling to myself and other moments where shock had permanently set on my face & left my mind in chaos.

By the middle of Crown of Midnight, I had decided that Celaena should choose Chaol! We get to see a lot more of his character in CoM and I really liked what I read! I want to tell all of you about all his amazingness, but I feel like I’d end up spoiling some seriously awesome moments in CoM. So, I’ll just say fans of Chaol from ToG will fall head over heels for him all over again and the others who hadn’t chosen yet like me well… You’re gonna love Chaol!

Chaol or Dorian?

Who would you choose?

Who should Celaena choose?

Want to fangirl over Chaol? Just tweet/email me! 🙂

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