Hey guys! *waves*
I’m finally back! Somehow I managed to survive exams and it’s finally summer!
I’m really sorry about the lack of content on my blog lately. My schedule has been so hectic and I’ve just been all over the place. But, I’m ready to start blogging again and I’m so excited!
I’ve been blogging for about a year, but it’s been on and off. Whenever I get too busy, I seem to put my blog on the backburner, and I hate doing that. I want to start becoming a more serious, dedicated blogger, so I’m going to start changing a few things.
I’m going to try to be much more consistent with posts and reading which seriously started to decline during school. I want to incorporate more of my personality into my writing, so be prepared for some different writing styles while I experiment. Also, I want to start interacting more with my readers & other bloggers through twitter, facebook, instagram, pintrest, goodreads, & tumblr. Also, I’m going to start a personal blog that showcases some of my writing and photography which I’m really excited about. I just cannot wait to start actually blogging again!


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