My Life in Words (2)

Hey guys!! I know I said I was back 2 weeks ago, but I was just bombarded with tests. This time I promise I’m back for real and getting into the groove of things again! 😀 MISSED YOU GUYS! ❤


Um… This week has been super hectic so books have been a zero. 😦 I’m going to try to change that though! Good news is that I recently got The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater! CANNOT WAIT TO START! 😀


Guess who singed up for a book blog tour??? 😉 THAT’S RIGHT ME!! 😀 Thank you so much Shane @ Itching for Books for hosting The Essence by Kimberly Derting  Book Blog Tour! The Essence is the sequel to The Pledge which was a great dystopian read! So siked!!


As I said before, school has been WAYYY hectic! I had at least one test or quiz last week and it was a major killer. I was staying up super late to study and get all my homework done… Never fun! And, Saturday morning I had a cross country meet that was out of town which meant we had to leave on Friday. Yeah, I know, insane! I was extremely exhausted during the whole trip & race, so that wasn’t my best time. But, I had a lot of fun hanging out with the older girls since I was the lone freshman! Whoop! After returning back home I went to Cirque Du Soleil which was UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING!! Gosh! The things they could do were out of this world! I had so much fun! Have any of you guys seen them??? Then, this afternoon I went to see House at the End of the Street with a couple of my friends. Yikes! It really messes with your mind and was pretty spooky. Do you guys think so too? Well, that about sums my week up!


I MADE A SCHEDULE!! Yes, I certainly did! I’m going to try to follow it as best as I can. Although I can’t promise a post every day, if I do post on that certain day this is what the post will most likely consist of.

MONDAY: Release’s Post

TUESDAY: Review or Meme



FRIDAY: Review


SUNDAY: My Life in Words



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