My Life in Words (1)

Hey guys!! This is a new meme I’ve decided to create! I’ve been SUPER busy lately, so I just wanted to create a meme where I could do a quick post about what I’ve been up to lately and what’s been going on. Well, without further ado let’s START!


The books have been majorly lacking… I have a never-ending pile of library books in my room which have been yelling my name constantly. Plus, a bookshelf of books that are just pleading me to open them. Yeah… I gotta get to work on that!


Check out who was mentioned on Diana Peterfreund’s Blog!!!!! Oh yeah! *celebratory dance*

This was such a huge surprise for me and when I saw my blog name on her website I almost started to hyperventilate. No joke! Thanks Diana! (Check out my review of For Darkness Shows the Stars)


Life has been stressful with school, sports, and friends. It’s been hard to balance everything, but I think I’ve been doing an alright job. I just need to fit blogging in there! Well, this week is my Homecoming week!! We’ve been dressing up for different themes each day which is really fun since we’re usually in uniform. And, our main theme is USA! The week has just been really fun especially since we had a half day Tuesday and no school Wednesday. Also, I finally got my dress!! Whoop! It has been the biggest stress finding a dress and I’m so glad I finally found one! (I know I’m super last minute!) Homecoming dance is Saturday which is going to be so fun especially since I have a date! 😀 [Comment if you would like more info!!]

Ciao! ❤


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