Hola guys!! So, I’m going to be starting highschool this year. *groan* Yikes! I know! This is going to be a real big change from friends to schoolwork to sports. I’ve only had this blog for what… 3 months! ONLY! Wow! I feel like I’ve been blogging for like ever, even though I’m still a total newbie. 😀 And, although I’d love to be on my blog 24/7, it’s just not gonna work. This past week has already been kind of hectic for me, since I was trying to get ready for school with orientation & back to school parties & catching up on school summer reading. I can’t even begin to imagine the workload I’ll be getting getting once we get into the grove of things, but I still want to maintain my blog as best as I can! Sadly, I know that it will literally be impossible for me to blog everyday without me being a zombie all the time. So, I’m going to set a couple blogging goals for myself during the school year.

1. Blog at least twice a week.
2. Try to blog 4 review posts in a month.
3. Read at least 3 books a month.
4. And, most importantly, have FUN!

I might not achieve my goals every month, but I really hope I can do my best to complete every goal!

Also, if I’m not answering my email or tweeting all the time the reason is due to school. I’m going to try my best to answer all my emails & tweets and moderate comments as quickly & efficiently as I can. But, school comes first to me no matter what.

Thank you for such an amazing blogging experience! I’ve loved every second of it and I can’t wait to continue! ❤

Well, here’s to a new school year hopefully filled with lots of laughs, barely any headaches, lots of new experiences, & lots of fun!

How do you deal with blogging during the school year?

Do you blog less during the school year?

What is the hardest part about blogging during the school year?

Thanks for reading my blog!


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