The Army of Ten

The Army of TEN

Hey guys!!! Have you heard the buzz going on about The Army of Ten??? Well, I recently joined this awesome army which is a street team promotional network to help get the word out about Ten by Gretchen McNeil. (It comes out September 18th!) Check out the Website!

In The Army of Ten there are 5 ranks that you can gain:

1. Private

2. Sergeant

3. Lieutenant

4. Major

5. General

To achieve each ranking you have to complete a different set of assignments which results in some fun prizes! For example, you might get the chance to have your name in the acknowledgments for Gretchen McNeil’s next book if you become a General!


There are five gift bags on Halloween – Tuesday, October 30th.

Items in the gift bags will include:

– a signed hardcover of TEN

– a signed paperback of POSSESS

– a signed copy of DEAR TEEN ME

– a signed copy of the anthology TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES

– a Barnes & Noble gift card

– items from the personal collection of two characters from the book (i.e. a sample size of Minnie’s favorite perfume and a key chain bottle opener like Ben’s)

Also, Gretchen McNeil is giving away her last ARC copy of Ten! To enter all you need to do is sign up for The Army of Ten!


Join The Army of Ten Now!!


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