Random Rants: Hunger Games/Dystopian Edition

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Hey guys!! So, I’m going to do a new feature here on Vivalabooks. Random Rants is where I’m going to post my thoughts about a certain bookish subject that I feel like talking about.

OK. So, everyone has at least heard of The Hunger Games. The book has gotten some major hype and so have the movies. After The Hunger Games’ major success, dystopian books have been appearing everywhere. I’m not saying this is a bad thing because I LOVE dystopian! But, the thing that is extremely annoying me right now is how many people are looking at a dystopian book and saying how it’s like The Hunger Games. NOT EVERY DYSTOPIAN BOOK IS LIKE THE HUNGER GAMES!!

The idea for this post came to me when I was talking to a few friends about Legend by Marie Lu. We’re reading Legend for our mother-daughter book club and I had already read this book a while ago. The moms and my friends who had read it so far were really big fans of the book. But, the thing that really stood out to me was how everyone compared it to The Hunger Games! Legend is NOT that similar to The Hunger Games. It’s just in the same genre: DYSTOPIAN!!

I was trying to explain this to my friends, but I’m not sure if they got it or just wanted me to stop talking. And, I know I’m not an expert about all things dystopian, but it just made me mad how they were all comparing two different dystopian books. I kind of had a freak out because I really love dystopian, but I tried to hear them out. Except they all thought the most similar thing about the books was the WORLD!! NO, THE WORLDS ARE NOT SIMILAR WHATSOEVER!! The Hunger Games is its own unique type of dystopian.

The definition of dystopian on Dictionary.com is: a society characterized by human misery, as squalor, oppression, disease, and overcrowding. Also, most dystopian books take place in the future where our world has been somewhat destroyed with a “perfect” government in control and our hero/heroine realizes how cracked their society really is. At least, that is how I characterize most dystopian books.

So, it really annoyed be when my friends were comparing Legend to The Hunger Games. It seemed like they were trying to compare the setting and world the authors had created. But, that’s just part of the genre. One of the reasons I love dystopian so much is reading about the future worlds each author creates. They’re all unique and different in their own ways!

Legend is NOT as similar to The Hunger Games as my friends really thought. First off, altering POVs in Legend! I loved that part because it’s rare to find any male POVs in any YA books. Also, THE WORLDS ARE DIFFERENT! There are not 13 districts in Legend and there are NO GAMES in Legend. There is a test to check the intelligence of each child and see if they are fit for the Republic’s military. In addition, June is a privileged girl who has grown up as the Republic’s prodigy. Katniss was NEVER on the side of the Capital! These are just a few differences between both books.

But, I do admit that Legend is somewhat similar to The Hunger Games. That’s just a result of them being in the same genre. Both books take place in a post-apocalyptic world. But, ALL DYSTOPIAN BOOKS DO!! It’s just part of the genre! And, they both have fiery heroines. But, that’s a popular trend going on in YA books. It doesn’t make two books the same!!

Also, something that irritated me was how The Selection by Kiera Cass was compared to The Hunger Games. I expressed some of that in my review. Lots of people were saying how it was Hunger Games meets the Bachelor. And, it was very similar to the Bachelor! But, NOT THE HUNGER GAMES! It was just in the same genre!

The Selection lacked the obvious action The Hunger Games is famous for! I still loved the book, but it was a much more about relationships. Also, the worlds are different! The plot is different!!! The Selection is its own dystopian book!!

Those are just a few books that have really caught my eye and it just annoys me! Each dystopian book is its own individual kind. There are similar themes, but the worlds they create are so different. And, it seriously upsets me when someone tries comparing their worlds because they ARE DIFFERENT!

Maybe this is just me, but I’ve started to pay more attention to this subject. And, maybe I’m just making WAY too big deal about this. But, anyway this is what I think!

OK. I’m going to end this post because I feel like I could just go on and on about this subject. Also, sorry that this was kind of me ranting on about my thoughts! Oh, and I haven’t had anyone compare Divergent to The Hunger Games to my face yet. But, if it does happen… I AM GOING TO FLIP OUT!

On a side note: There is nothing wrong with Legend or The Selection! I extremely enjoyed both books and would recommend to lots of people. THEY’RE JUST NOT LIKE THE HUNGER GAMES BESIDES BEING IN THE SAME GENRE!

Thanks for listening to my rant! What are you thoughts??

Do you guys notice this problem?

Does this subject bother you just as much as it bothers me?

Do you disagree with my opinion?


2 thoughts on “Random Rants: Hunger Games/Dystopian Edition

  1. Roselyn says:

    I agree with you 100%. It really annoys me when books are compared to each other because in each genre books are going to be similar. However, I don’t think that this is just an issue with dystopian books, but books in general.

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