Dance of Shadows Cover Reveal

Author: Yelena Black

Expected Release Date: December 24th 2012

Publisher:  Bloomsbury/Walker Books for Young


Vanessa knew that dance was in her blood, but she had no idea the world of the elite ballet was center stage for … the darkest of secrets—until her sister mysteriously disappeared from the world-renowned New York Ballet Academy.

Three years later, Vanessa follows in Margaret’s footsteps, lands the role most girls at NYBA would kill for . . . and gets trapped in a sinister spiral of secrets. Back-stabbing bunheads, a fiercely unrelenting choreographer, and the sexy male lead of the troupe—they all want something from Vanessa. And though she revels in the attention, what Vanessa truly craves are answers. Instead, she feels as though she is losing her footing at every turn. Is she doomed to relive her sister’s strange fate?

This riveting, sexy series debut combines the intriguing world of ballet with a page-turning psychological thriller—a most dangerous duet.

My Thoughts:

OMG!! This cover is just drop dead gorgeous! Hands down this is probably one of the prettiest covers that’s been released this summer! The way she’s standing with her head tilted back on her tip-toes with ballet shoes is so beautiful. And, her dress!! The dress is made out of red flower petals that seem to be blowing upwards with the wind. And, the dark, mysterious background with that spooky fog. Seriously, I would just read this book based off of the cover!

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What are your thoughts about the cover of Dance of Shadows


3 thoughts on “Dance of Shadows Cover Reveal

  1. Livvy @Nerdy Book Reviews says:

    Wow! That cover is definitely beautiful, I have to agree! I also like the sound of this being about ballet. I love ballet and I used to do it as a child but now I just watch.

    It reminds me of Black Swan in a way from the blurb. I’ll be adding this to my wishlist for definite! 🙂

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