Tahereh Mafi in Sao Paulo, Brazil

OMG!!! Today, July 9th, I went to my first book event EVER! I had sooo much fun, plus to top it off, it was in Brazil!

So, I was checking my twitter last night and I saw this tweet from Tahereh Mafi saying she was landing in Sao Paulo tomorrow. And, I was like “Oh, cool I’m in Sao Paulo too.” not really realizing what it meant. But, then the light switch in my brain went off and I was like “OMG!! TAHEREH MAFI THE AUTHOR OF SHATTER ME IS GOING TO BE IN THE SAME CITY AS ME!!!!” I kind of had a freak out moment :D!

Thus, today I went to go listen to her talk about Shatter Me and get her autograph! I even asked a question :D! It was an awesome experience for me and it was unbelievable to actually talk to Tahereh Mafi. I had never ever before even spoken face to face to an author I liked; the experience was surreal. The whole time I was secretly having a mental freak out in my head! Tahereh Mafi was extremely sweet & hilarious and I had such an epic time!

I learned about Destroy Me an e-book  from the POV of Warner! How awesome does that sound?!?!! EXTREMELY! Cannot wait for its release!

Plus, I learned that she just sold the movie rights for Shatter Me! *fan girl squeal* SHATTER ME IN THEATRES :D! Super siked!


Tahereh Mafi and I.

 Tahereh Mafi’s autograph! Plus, a Shatter Me button in Portuguese!

I didn’t have my copy of Shatter Me with me, so I got Tahereh Mafi to sign this flyer they were handing out instead. Sorry it’s in Portuguese guys!


SHATTER ME                        DESTROY ME                            UNRAVEL ME

If you haven’t read Shatter Me, CHECK IT OUT! Plus, look out for the e-book release of Destroy Me on October 2nd 2012. Unravel Me the sequel to Shatter Me comes out February 5th 2013.

This was an awesome first book event for me and I’m so glad I went! What have been your best book events EVER?

– Amanda


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