Scarlet by Marissa Meyer Cover Reveal

Hey! Sorry guys! This post is a bit late, but when I saw this I just HAD to post it! Cinder surprisingly blew me away and I loved it! Anyway, here’s the cover to the sequel of Cinder!

Expected Release Date: February 5th 2013

Wow! I’m loving the red cape! Little Red Riding Hood, anyone?? And, I get this random feeling that Scarlet is going to be a lot more action-packed then Cinder was. That’s just my guess! Also, the font for the title is perfect for this series! Love it!

 Scarlet Update

“Book two, Scarlet, is based on Little Red Riding Hood. It continues Cinder’s story as she attempts to escape Queen Levana’s vengeance and learn more about her past. The story also introduces readers to Scarlet, a girl living in southern France whose grandmother has mysteriously disappeared. In order to find her, Scarlet seeks the help of Wolf, a street fighter with more than a few mysteries of his own.”

Click on this link to view an interview with Marissa Meyer and an excerpt from chapter 2 in Scarlet!

Add Scarlet to your GOODREADS List asap!

What did you guys think of this cover? Are you excited for this books release?

– Amanda


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