Through The Ever Night Cover Reveal

OMG!! Yes!!! Who else is excited for this book’s release??

Wow! I just loved the background of Under The Never Sky and Through The Ever Night  did not disappoint! I think it’s a great representation of the aether and I just love it! YAY!!! Perry’s on the cover 😀 He looks great, and I cannot wait to hear more about him & Aria! This book left me with a major cliffhanger and this cover totally made my day! We’re getting closer to the release!!!!!!

– Amanda

What did you think of the cover of Through The Ever Night? Are you excited for this book’s release?


2 thoughts on “Through The Ever Night Cover Reveal

  1. Sherri says:

    Dag! I haven’t read these books but you make me want to! Sooo many books, not enough time on Earth to read them all 😉

    Thanks for sharing!

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