Laguna Cove by Alyson Noël | Book Review

Pages: 216

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Format: Paperback

Source: Barnes & Noble

Age Group: Young Adult



The new girl always makes waves.

Welcome to Laguna Beach, California, where the beach is hot, the teens are beautiful, and there’s always time for surfing.

Anne’s new life in Laguna Beach feels more like a death sentence than a vacation. The local high school is the exact opposite of her former Connecticut prep school, and the social scene is completely foreign; it’s all about hanging at the beach and surfing. But when Anne finally makes friends at one of her dad’s show-biz parties, she decides to give California a chance. There’s wild child Lola; laid-back, free-spirited Jade; and beautiful, competitive Ellie. And, of course, Chris, the gorgeous guy who teaches Anne how to surf. Anne becomes fast friends with Jade and Lola, but no matter how hard she tries, Ellie won’t give her a chance. And the closer Anne grows to Chris, and the better she gets at surfing, the more Ellie seems to hate her. But now that Anne has worked so hard to find her place, she’s not about to budge—especially since she plans to enter the annual surf competition, where she’ll really give Ellie a run for her money.

Rating: not really my thing, but you might like it

book 2 book 2

I had been dying to get my hands on Alyson Noël’s book, Laguna Cove, for a good summer read because the description sounded great and I absolutely loved her Immortals series. Except, I think my expectations were too high because Laguna Cove unfortunately did not live up to my hopes. I think it was a decent summer book, but I was expecting more out of it. I felt like the book was trying to be deep, but it really was just about petty girl drama. This subject can be at moments entertaining, but I just wasn’t feeling it.

Also, the different POVs didn’t really work out for me either. I really just wanted Ellie and Anne’s POVs. In addition, the characters didn’t leave a lasting impression on me that left me wondering about the book days afterwards.

Sorry, but this wasn’t the book for me. I really love Alyson Noël’s work, and this review shouldn’t discourage you from checking out her other books. The problem might have been that Laguna Cove is a book in a genre I don’t usually read.

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One thought on “Laguna Cove by Alyson Noël | Book Review

  1. dominik says:

    Okay so I was excited to read this book! I was expecting a lot more. I’m soooo disappointed. Its like the author was being lazy. There could have been easily another 100 pages. But she got lazy and ended it so fast! As soon I as I actually enjoying the book it was done. Gone. This book has left me with a million question with no answers! I wish I never read it so I wouldn’t feel disappointed!

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