Hi! I’m Amanda, a freshman in highschool, who’s really excited to start book blogging! It might take some time for this blog to be completely ready, but I’d like to already introduce myself to the book blogging community. And, I’ll start posting reviews after I’ve finished designing most of the blog!

Well, as I mentioned above, I’m a freshman and I love anything book related. I love to read any books that are somehow related to fantasy, mystery, paranormal, or dystopian genres. I tend to lean toward books where the impossible happens and where dreams come to life. But, if the book is amazingly written, then I’ll read it without hesitation! Also, I’m considered a fast reader who can finish about a book per day if my schedule allows, except around the school year it’s hard to squish a book in there. Well there’s a bit about me, and I’m just so excited to be joining the blogging community!


– Amanda


2 thoughts on “Hey!

    • Vivalabooks says:

      Thanks so much! Yeah, I love it! The whole experience has been amazing, and I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner!
      By the way, thanks so much for checking out my blog! It means a lot to me!

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